Fishing Report

9/9/22 by Dave Peros

First a word of warning: don’t make the mistake of walking behind the crowds of anglers at Bell Road or the Maritime Academy – or even the east end where Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore said more people are gathering up by the day – as there is too much of a chance that you will get a paddletail or perhaps even a plug buried in your head. There is a video of a guy who had this happen to him last weekend and Jeff emphasized that way too many people don’t bother to look behind them before starting to cast.

Jeff said the fishing has been very good the last couple of weeks, with smaller bass on top, especially around the west end, and larger fish being caught on paddletails. There is a ton of peanut bunker around and some mackerel at the east end as well; white is obviously a good color, along with bunker variations, but he said a lot of folks have been doing well with wacky mackerel even where there is no sign of macks. There is also some squid at the west end. Along with paddletails/shads, loaded Cotton Cordell’s have been catching a lot of fish; clearly pencil poppers in design, they are filled with so much lead to make them drop deep in the water column and then produce their own action as they are retrieved. While it is not uncommon to actually bounce a jig right on the bottom – and that’s why regulars carry a multitude of weights so they can deal with the current and feel when they are in the strike zone – plugs are another matter and will hang up way more easily than a single hook bucktail or soft plastic jig.