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Guppy Lures 3 oz

The Jobo Junior is our original Pencil Popper. We make the Junior in two weights, 2-3/4 and 3 ounces, and they both have a place in your bag. The 2-3/4 is the best all-around Pencil for moderate surf conditions. It excels from the backwater rivers to the beach to the Cape Cod Canal. The 3 ounce is the one you pull out when you have to cut through a howling wind or have to hold in rough surf or heavy current. This Pencil is a good size to cover a wide array of baitfish from herring and squid to mullet, mackerel and menhaden--this plug gets it done, can handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw your way and has the action to bring those big girls up for a look.