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Guppy Lures 3.5oz

The Guppy Lures Jobo Sr. is the peacemaker of the Guppy line of plugs. If you want to make a statement or invade the territory of a big fish, this is the plug for the job. We often say that the Jobo Sr. is it's own style of plug, the action is different than the rest of the line; it's slower and more deliberate, it moves in a wide "searching" pattern and commands a lot of attention from the fish. Because of its size and buoyancy this plug can be used in just about any situation, calm water, rough surf, heavy current... the Jobo Sr. can handle it all. It's a perfect choice when adult bunker are around, horse mackerel or full-sized sea herring; but when there are large squid around, the Jobo Sr. in pearl or pink mackerel is an absolute killer.