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Guppy Lures 2 oz

The 2-ounce Mini is our largest round-bellied Pencil Popper and it exemplifies the classic "pencil" design. You'll find that the 2-ounce Mini works great in calm water, moderate surf and moderate current. The balance of weight and buoyancy makes this plug one of the liveliest 6-inch Pencil Poppers available today. This plug will serve you well when there are mullet or sea herring running in the surf, or when small squid or bunker invade your favorite backwater river. The 2-ounce Mini is also a slow-water favorite down at the Cape Cod Canal where anglers like to utilize it's floating characteristic and allow it to drift down-tide while working the plug in a manner that makes it look like it's struggling against the tide. The 2-ounce Mini is a very versatile plug and you'll find a use for it just about anywhere you fish.