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Guppy Lures 2 3/8 oz

The Guppy Lures 2-3/8 oz Mini (Flat) is our answer to the "loaded" pencil. While some manufacturers put all of their emphasis on getting as much lead into the plug as possible, we found out rather quickly that you sacrifice a lot of action when you do this. Per our usual testing process we worked on finding the balance between optimum casting for a six inch plug and fish-catching action. After some testing by ourselves and some sharp local anglers we settled on 2-3/8 ounces as the perfect weight and the Mini Flat was born. This plug excels when you need to reach out to fish that are out of range for most other plugs, it's compact design and aerodynamic shape mean that it sails through the wind with little resistance. The Mini Flat sinks but will plane to the surface within seconds of the start of your retrieve and then you can start in with your favorite 'penciling' routine and expect the plug to perform and catch just like the rest of our line of Pencil Poppers.