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The Fisherman's Fund

The Fisherman's Fund mission is to raise funds for "The Fisherman" statue in celebration of the significance of fishing and to contribute to our community, and to fisherman everywhere! The best way to raise this money for this amazing statue is having a month long tournament. This is a tournament that will feature the largest striper and bluefish caught from any saltwater in Massachusetts. This is a boat and shore tournament. Cash prices are for the Largest Striped Bass and other prizes for second and 3rd place striped Bass and Bluefish. By participating in this great tournament you will bring us one step closer in completing the Fisherman Statue. This statue will represent past, present and future fishermen.

If you wish to Enter the Tournament click below on this link:



You can also DONATE money thru various different methods. If you wish to Donate to this worthy cause click below: