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  • AquaSkinz

    The Aquaskinz Tackle Company is the result of a small group of serious fishermen that decided to stop talking about the gear they always wanted but could not find, and start producing it. Created by fishermen for fishermen, Aquaskinz remains committed to this original vision. By listening to the input of fishermen from up and down the coast, then melding this input with top quality materials and cutting edge technologies, we continue to adapt our product line to the evolving needs of today’s angler’s. Our mission from the start was to offer the highest quality in our products and to provide the user with the essential gear that would serve them well for years to come. Our ultimate goal is to continue to produce the most durable, longest lasting and best designed products available today while evolving towards the future

    • AquaSkinz Bucktail and Tin Holster

      AquaSkinz Bucktail and Tin Holster

        Can take two buck-tails up to 1 1/2 ounces in each slot or one per slot for bigger size buck-tails. Accordion style design is firm yet still flexible enough to move around freely. Individual flap closures to hold your...

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    • AquaSkinz Elite Cobra 4 Tube Tackle Bag

      AquaSkinz Elite Cobra 4 Tube Tackle Bag

      The perfect blend of size and function. The 4 tube bag gives you plenty of storage space without the excess bulk. Unique design allows for storing or carrying a diverse range of items. Non-absorbing military grade ballistic material...

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    • AquaSkinz Elite Cobra Lure Bag

      AquaSkinz Elite Cobra Lure Bag

        Multi layer non-absorbing military grade ballistic material construction. Five 8 1/4" x 2" square tubes. Internal spacer pocket for leader spools with line feeder - also great for packs of rubber baits. Seperate front compartment for...

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    • AquaSkinz Elite Rogue Lure Bag

      AquaSkinz Elite Rogue Lure Bag

        Multi layer construction using non-absorbing military grade ballistic material (UV, Mildew & Rot proof!). Unique ( A first!) side panel strap and connection design with industrial grade webbing and Velcro. (Accommodates most anything with...

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    • AquaSkinz Large Belt Pouch

      AquaSkinz Large Belt Pouch

      The large pouch has a deep, expandable center pocket for putting in all your essentials. Whether you store terminal tackle, leader materials, back-up gear or choose to use it for a whole host of rubber baits this is an essential tool to have...

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    • AquaSkinz Large Lure Bag AquaSkinz Large Lure Bag

      AquaSkinz Large Lure Bag

      AquaSkinz Large Lure Bag Features:The AquaSkinz Large Lure Bag has a fully adjustable strap with a shoulder pad for added comfort. This Large bag also has additional storage pocket under the main flap and has a total of 10 custom made 8” wide...

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    • AquaSkinz Medium Lure Bag AquaSkinz Medium Lure Bag

      AquaSkinz Medium Lure Bag

      AquaSkinz Medium Lure Bag Features:The AquaSkinz Medium Lure Bag comes equipped with custom made tall inserts that hold all long lures (Needlefish, Divers, and Pencil Poppers) that usually never fit any lure bag. This bag features a side plier holder...

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    • AquaSkinz Premium Mesh Eel Bag

      AquaSkinz Premium Mesh Eel Bag

      No more bait buckets or industrial buckets needed to fish with eels. This eel bag can handle up to 12 large eels at a time, is functional and easy to use and will be within easy reach when needed. Manufactured using a mesh that is the standard for...

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    • AquaSkinz Wading Belt

      AquaSkinz Wading Belt

      Designed to provide many features that a lot of anglers said were missing in other similar products. A belt should be standard equipment whether you fish from a boat, a kayak and especially from the surf. Strong double locking safety buckle...

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